My wife and I hired Matt to remodel our kitchen, and throughout the entire process Matt has been nothing short of exemplary. To start, he was always easy to reach, whether it was via email, phone, or text. After we had a few larger companies (full "design & build" firms) come out to give us an estimate on our kitchen project, we were almost scared off from doing the project altogether. However we found Matt through Houzz, and figured we'd give him a shot. Right off the bat, his prices seemed much more reasonable. Other reviews, his website, and pictures of past projects gave us good confidence and him, and in the end we could not have been happier hiring Matt to do our project.

Our kitchen project may have been one of the most complex kitchen jobs he's taken on, and he handled everything extremely well. Matt and his team took down multiple load-bearing walls, dealt with plumbing issues, a weird roof structure that resulted in Matt having to modify a couple cabinets (home is from the 1950s), a week and a half delay to have our floors refinished, and too many mid-project changes (from my wife and I) to count. And yet, he was very professional about everything, and very upfront about cost and timing impacts.

Possibly best of all, Matt clearly has a knack for this line of work. Not only are his carpentry and general remodeling skills of the highest quality, he demonstrated multiple times a good eye for what will look good, and what may not look as nice. He was always willing to do whatever we, the customer, wanted, but every now and then he would say something like "you can definitely do that, but I personally think it would look good if you did this instead..." and every single time he was right.

One last point to make - we felt that Matt truly cared about our project. We never felt that our home was "just a job" to him, it always seemed more than that. Case in point, through no fault of his own, we had a major plumbing leak in our basement while he and his team was at our home. He and his team spent the entire day, drenched in water, moving our belongings (including a huge stack of books) upstairs and away from the water. He immediately called the city to send someone out to shut off the water (we had a couple water valves fail, so he couldn't shut it off from the basement), and he called a company to come out and deal with the flooding. Due to his quick actions, our belongings were saved from any severe damage, and the "flooding" ended up being only a minor inconvenience instead of a disaster.

Ultimately, hiring Matt to do our kitchen was probably the best decision we made all year. Next up, a bathroom remodel, and we will 100% be sure to have Matt take on that project as well. My wife and I fully recommend Exemplar to anyone who wants to remodel their home.

Alex G.

Jan 9, 2018 via Houzz

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